Industrial and High Speed Imaging Application Compatible Scopes
Series 123000 Rigid Borescopes

The Most Advanced Technology...
The Most Reliable Performance.

ITI Borescopes lead the industry with the clearest optical images, the most innovative features, and the greatest cost-effective, top quality  
dependability on the market today. Thousands of models offering many exceptional advances.

ITI Does More Than Build Great Scopes... We Make Them DEDICATED

Camera-Dedicated Change from Video Camera to Eyepiece Instantly with the ITI Quick Disconnect Feature

-Direct coupling to video camera systems
-Elimination of eyepiece distortion
-Increased video performance

Choice of Diameters and Working Lengths

Choice of Line of Sight (LOS)

Choose from five (5) body styles

        Includes focus, illumination and color coded body for quick and easy identification.
       Choice of Eyepiece or Camera Mount.

       Orbital Scan (Pan)
       Complete panoramic examinations can be conducted with minimum effort. Orbital Scan rotates
       375° around the axis of the borescope without rotation of the fiber cable.

       Axial Scan (Tilt)
       Axial Scan acts as 3-scopes-in-1, Forward Oblique, Right Angle and Reverse Oblique, with
       panoramic illumination to fully cover the total viewing area. In-line with the borescope probe, the
       scan allows viewing from 40° (FO) LOS to 125° (RO) quickly and efficiently.

       Unlike other instruments with zoom eyepieces that result in FALSE magnification and loss of
       apparent illumination, only ITI offers a true 4X zoom borescope.

       In low power it provides 40° FOV for orientation. In high power, it zooms to 10° FOV for critical
       inspection: thus offering a true zoom objective with a 4X change in FOV with a constant f/#.
       Real Magnification, Unequaled Performance.

       The Most Versatile Remote Viewing Instrument in the Industry Today!

       ITI’s Scan/Zoom option combines the features of a variable Axial Scan with the features of a
       variable FOV (Zoom). Scan in low power for overall coverage, zoom to high power for high
       resolution detail examination. This unique dual-capability offers the best of the best all in one
       superior borescope.
Series 127000 Articulating Fiberscopes

ITI Does More Than Build Great Scopes...
We Make Them Last!

ProTecht® over-torque designProTecht®: unequaled scope
protection. It's patented, it's innovative and it's light years ahead of the

ProTecht® over-torque design significantly reduces costly accidental
cable damage within the fiberscope that occurs when:
-An operator tries to articulate the tip when the tip is constrained.
-The operator tries to withdraw the fiberscope from an access hole before the tip has been straightened.

ProTecht® over-torque prevention feature virtually eliminates such common breakage. The benefits are clear:
-Longer scope life
-Reduced downtime and repair costs
-Less operator fatigue
-Overall lower lifetime cost yielding lower inspection costs

Superior Body Design
Easy to Use Comfortable to Hold
ITI’s extensive test research has resulted in a uniquely functional  fiberscope body design that’s
comfortable, easily maneuverable, and high-impact-tough.

Finger Tip Control
The smooth, slim control body allows comfortable fingertip access for actuating the articulation knobs
while ITI’s exclusive swivel light guide permits either right or left hand operation.

Ratchet Control
With lock engaged, each ratchet step offers approximately 20° of articulation angle.

Another innovative ITI feature is easy access to the brake/ratchet control buttons one for each axis
of articulation. Easily controlled with the same hand that holds the fiberscope, these controls lock
articulation in place and enable incremental articulation angle control.

Impact Resistant
ITI’s body cover is molded of tough, impact-resistant urethane, then moisture sealed for dependable,
trouble-free operation.

Higher Resolution
A larger, sharper and more brilliant image: outstanding fiber resolution has helped establish ITI Fiberscopes as the most desirable in the
world. Each coherent fiber bundle is meticulously fabricated. The smallest, highest quality glass fibers are configured within the image bundle
to maximize packing density - then leached, resulting in superior optical image quality while yielding a truly flexible bundle.

Unparalleled Articulation Performance
ITI’s patented articulation control results in smooth scanning with immediate, positive response: ITI fiberscopes allow the operator to rotate the
articulation control knob to a specific position, release the knob, and have the tip remain in position.

Whether operated by the right or left hand, ITI's proprietary articulation control provides smooth, immediate response tip motion.

Incremental articulation angle control is easy to access; each step of the brake/rachet results in approximately 20° of articulation angle,
especially helpful for documentation of defect location.  

Choice of Probe Jackets
As added an safeguard, for fiber image bundles, illumination fibers, and control cables, ITI wraps all fiberscopes in a triple-layer of protection,
safety-sealed against moisture. Internal components are enclosed in a rugged, stainless steel monocoil wrapper, providing crush-resistance
while maintaining flexibility.
Customers may then choose between a Urethane or a Tungsten outer jacket.

Urethane Jacket
Tough plastic jacket featuring ITI’s exclusive insertion scale printed on the jacket’s exterior for convenient determination of insertion depth.  

Tungsten Jacket
An extremely flexible smooth tungsten braid jacket for difficult and abrasive environments.
174708 HIgh Speed Semi-Flex FiberScopes

Designed with tungsten probe jackets and a dedicated Line Of Sight (LOS) specifically to deliver clear, bright images these non-articulating
flexible scopes  from spaces nothing else could reach.

The scopes are available in several working lengths, with a forward line of sight and fixed field of view.

These Fiberscopes, like all ITI instruments, yield bright, sharp images for high speed video applications, and recording. They feature ITI's
quick disconnect Viewing Mode Adapters including: C-Mount for direct camera attachment and an eyepiece for visual observations.

Scope Specifications:
Probe Diameter: 8mm (0.33")
Working Lengths:
-0.5M (19")
-1M (39")  

Line of Sight:
Forward (0°)

Field of View:
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