AOS G-Rated V2 Camera Hub

4 Ethernet Ports for camera communication, plus 1 Port for Ethernet link to Control Computer
4 Camera Control Signal ports; Signals supported are: Remote On, Trigger, Armed, Sync IN/OUT, Strobe
Synchronizes all cameras to Port #1
Hi-G Operation; 100g / 15msec all axis

A-LED-W150 Continuous Operation and Strobed Illumination High Power LED light
Power Input: 24V / 160W
Beam Angle 50°
Physical Dimension: h:160 x w:135 x d:85 mm
Color temperature: 5700°K
Mounting: 1 x 1/4-20 UNC, 2 x M6 thread on bottom
AOS A-LED-2500 On-Board LED Lighting System

The A-LED-2500 is a ruggedly built LED light system for use in on-board
automotive impact applications. This system can cover a wide variety of
applications, the A-LED-2500 can run in continuous mode or synchronized
to high speed cameras via the provided STROBE signal on a BNC input
connector. The A-LED-2500 controller is easily mounted and up to 4 small
150W light heads are connected via a 3M (10 foot) cable.

Power: Battery operated
Charger:115VAC or 230VAC charger unit is part of delivery
Controller Physical Dimension: h:115mm x w:175mm x d:85mm / weight: 2kg
Number of LED Heads: User selectable 1-4; 150W each head
LED Head Physical Dimension: h:70mm x w:58mm x d:40mm / weight: 250gr
Color Temperature: Approx. 5700°K
Operation: Constant On operation, flicker free or strobe operation via STROBE
            BNC input
Max. Strobe Frequency: 4000Hz (FPS)
Min. Pulse Duration: 30usec
Temperature Protection: Overheating protection built in controller / LED head
Mounting provision for LED Head: 2 x M6 thread / 1 x ¼-20 UNC on bottom
Mounting provision for Controller: Housing Brackets on controller with 4 holes for
                                                easy mounting
AOS Rugged LED Arrays

Power Input: 24V / 80W  
LED Power: 75W (25 LED with 3W each)
Beam Angle: 42°, optional 26°
Physical Dimension: h:180 x w:135 x d:50 mm

Power Input: 24V / 15W
LED Power: 12W
Beam Angle: 100°
Physical Dimension: h:75 x w:64 x d:40 mm

Power Input: 24V / 33W
LED Power: 30W (10 LED with 3W each)
Beam Angle: 42°, optional 26°
Physical Dimension: h:58 x w:150 x d:38 mm
AOS Off-board LED Lights

AOS Off-board LED lights are solidly built ultra-bright LED light for constant illumination. Their design makes these LED lights ideal for use in
industrial applications. These AOS LED lights are easily mounted on tripods or other lighting supports. The core of these lights are ultra-bright
LED's and state of the art control electronic and run off of mains power.

AOS Off-board LED lights come in three different power outputs; 150W, 55W and 35W
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