Imaging Dynamics draws on 20+ years of experience in the areas of:
    -High Speed Motion Analysis
    -High Speed Cameras
    -Digital Image Acquisition or Capture, Measurement and Morphology
    -High Resolution Cameras
    -Remote Viewing Instruments
    -Lighting Systems and Techniques
    -Lensing and Optical Systems
    -Machine Vision Systems
    -Imaging Components and Integration
    -Machine Tool Systems

    Imaging Dynamics offers our customers the best, reliable systems for challenging applications. We
    realize that every customers requirements are unique, we work together to determine the best cost
    effective solution for each application.

    Our customer base is diverse, ranging from maintenance and production personnel responsible for
    troubleshooting and optimizing systems on the plant floor to Scientists and Engineers developing the
    latest new technology in the laboratory,

    Pharmaceutical production and packaging
    Food and Beverage production and packaging
    Machine design, check out and troubleshooting
    Micro-Electronics production and packaging
    Stamping and Crimping
    Product verification and compliance testing
    Product drop testing
    University Research labs
    Chemical and Physical Engineering
    Vehicle design and development
    Film and Documentary production

    Law enforcement customers include many Local, County, State and Federal agencies. They count on the
    tactical, contraband search, surveillance, search and rescue tools that we offer.  

    Imaging Dynamics strives to provide industry leaders, innovators and law enforcement with the best of
    high-speed motion analysis equipment, remote viewing technologies and digital imaging solutions.

    It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, being able to assist you in acquiring those
    images is Imaging Dynamics, the Power to SEE.  


Phone Main Number: 734 207-8245

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