Law Enforcement Products
For over 25 years ITI has been designing, developing,  
and manufacturing custom Remote Viewing Instruments
for many State, Federal and Local agencies, ITI offers
the most comprehensive selection of standard
instruments for Law Enforcement.

Guided by the experience of dozens of law officers
worldwide, ITI has developed a family of Remote  
Viewing Instruments geared to covert surveillance,
contraband search, bomb inspection, and night vision.
Concerns about seeing into gas tanks, locked rooms,
sealed packages, and countless other situations are  
now easily resolved.

Remote Viewing reduces risk, a benefit that has been
acknowledged by experienced personnel. Remote
Viewing makes it possible to see more, and it
thoroughly enhances the advantage of law enforcement

Instrument Technology, Inc. continues to be a pioneer
in the creation of high technology law enforcement
solutions and we’d like to invite you to learn more about
ITI’s line of Remote Viewing Instruments, built to give
the operator the edge and make situations safer.
High Speed Motion Analysis and Inspection Products
Instrument Technology, Inc. (ITI) is a privately owned
U.S. manufacturing company located in Westfield,
Massachusetts. ITI specializes in the design,
development and manufacture of Remote Viewing
Instruments (RVI) including endoscopes, fiberscopes
and videoscopes. In business for over 35 years, ITI has
established itself worldwide as a respected instrument

Our wide array of Borescopes, Articulated Fiberscopes,  
Semi-Flex Fiberscopes and Videoscopes are in use
today by a variety of Aerospace, Nuclear, Industrial,
Law Enforcement and Medical Customers.

All of our articulating devices incorporate our patented
ProTecht®, feature, which helps prevent damage due
to over-articulation, increasing product reliability and
reducing repair down time.
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