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      AOS Streaming Camera

      PROMON U750 USB3 Camera

- High Speed Streaming Camera streams Images directly to
RAM or Disk for Long Record Times
- 720p Resolution @ 284 frames per secpnd, 800 x 600 @
500fps and 640 x 480 @ 750fps
- Flexible triggering options; Motion Trigger - Camera can
trigger with a change in the FOV, as well as triggering
from contact closure
- USB3 data interface for power and control
- Small size with a form factor of 30mm cube and weighs
less than 80 grams
- New AOS V4 Imaging Studio Software

Imaging Dynamics, LLC specializes in providing
High Speed Cameras, Motion Analysis Solutions,
and Remote Viewing Equipment specific to the
unique requirements of each of our customers

- High Speed Motion Analysis Systems
- High Speed Cameras
- Long Record Time Systems for Process
Monitoring and Test Applications
- MACS - Motion Analysis Capture Service
- Imaging utilizing long distance microscope
lensing, flexible and rigid image guides
- Optics, Lighting and Mounting Solutions

Our Customers Industries:
- Automotive testing
- Pharmaceutical production and packaging
- Food and Beverage production and packaging
- Machine design, check out and troubleshooting
- Micro-Electronics production and packaging
- Personal products design and testing
- Medical device testing
- Stamping and Crimping
- Textiles
- Product verification and compliance testing
- Product drop testing
- University Research labs
- Ballistics
- Archery
- Biomechanics
- Chemical and Physical Engineering
- Vehicle design and development
- Film and Documentary production
- Sports    

Imaging Dynamics, LLC, the power to SEE
                                            AOS High Speed Camera

                                                                 AOS C-VIT  

                                                                             An innovative multimedia processor delivering
                                                                             exceptional image quality is at the heart of all
                                                                             C-series cameras. The processor enables built-in,
                                                                             lossless, on-the-fly compression of image data.
                                                                             Once compressed, data is then stored in the
camera's on-board memory. The result is significantly extended recording time, and/or reduced memory
costs for the same length of recording. The processor's unique capabilities are also a major factor in
how AOS was able to create a system so compact, yet still so powerful.

The C-series is the first series of cameras built upon this research. C-VIT provides image resolution of
2048 x 2048 pixels at up to 500 frames per second. At 1920 x 1080 resolution – full HDTV format – the
C-VIT acquires 1000 frames per second.      
          AOS High Speed Camera

                       AOS Micro-G

  A truly miniature High-G rated camera for access into areas previously
 inaccessible, with a size of 30x32x59mm the self-conatined Micro G1 is
 extremely small and fits tightest space requirements.
  - 1280 x 720 @ 500fps
  -  800x 600 @1000fps